Linux x86 Assembly Software Development Helper Kit

LSCR Project  

This project aims to provide a functional and solid foundation for anyone interested in programming with x86 Assembly Language (using FASM) for Linux.

At the current stage it includes a system calls reference for Linux kernel 2.6 and higher branches, a set of FASM include files with structure and symbolic constants definitions, a number of small example applications demonstrating variety of Linux programming principles from AL point of view, and some helper utilities.

Please visit sourceforge software repository for the latest release.
LSCR provides support mainly for the FASM assembler. Support of other assemblers is not currently planed. However, the package includes a number of conversion scripts and given the fact that most assemblers share fairly similar syntax it can be easily adapted to other assemblers.
The system calls reference is provided in html format an requires a Mozilla compatible browser with javascript support.

If you think something is missing in this project, spotted technical error, a grammatical mistake or have other idea that might contribute to this project - don't hesitate to send an e-mail to rovsey at or alternatively use the LSCR project message boards.